Register now! Perkins Course #5: Early Childhood Education Service Delivery: Routines-Based EI (Online Self-Paced Tutorials from Perkins for Individuals Working with Children Who are Blind or Visually Impaired) Registration is Jan. 17-Jan. 25 (ending at 3:00 pm).


Early Childhood Education Service Delivery: Routines-Based EI An introduction to using routines to provide vision/sensory specific services in providing early intervention and early childhood services. Participants will earn 1.5 ACVREP, CTLE credits, or Continuing Education credits by completing an online quiz.

After the registration period ends, you will receive a voucher (coupon) code, and can then take the course at your convenience from any location, within the time period allotted.*If you do not need credit or certificates of completion toward licensure, these courses can be accessed for free through Perkins without going through VSDB Outreach Services.

Those who registered with VSDB and Perkins during Fall, 2018 for Course #1, Cerebral Visual Impairment: Tutorial, will have until Mar. 8, 2019 to complete it.


1/26/2019 - 2/26/2019


Curriculum/Instructional Methods Early Childhood Early Intervention Instructional Strategies Preschool Sensory/Motor Vision Impairment