Disability Benefits: Medicaid and Social Security Workshop (Goochland, VA) (PEATC)


Families of children with disabilities need to have an understanding of government benefits available to them as part of planning a future for their loved one. These benefits can help supplement a person’s income, qualify a person for extra help, and help them receive healthcare and community supports.  Navigating the world of disability benefits can be tricky, time consuming and overwhelming.  This workshop will help make that process easier.  Join us as we discuss: what are Medicaid Waivers and Social Security benefits, who is eligible, and how do I apply in clear, understandable language.


2/20/2019 6:00 PM - 2/20/2019 7:00 PM


Goochland High School Learning Commons


PEATC- Tammy Burns


Parent/Family Professional Development Professional Resources Transition