AT Solutions for Early Childhood Population (2011)

Author: TechKnowledgy Conference
Description: You are now entering the Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference area for practitioners and families working with the early childhood population. We hope you will visit as many of the webshop sessions as possible. You will notice each webshop specifies an approximate completion time and includes an evaluation. The evaluation is required in order to receive a certificate of participation. You may want to print your certificate and attach it to your conference program thus verifying your conference participation. Enjoy the conference! This conference will remain live from November 10, 2011 through October, 2012.
    TIME: 45 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: This webshop was created by Sally Norton-Darr and Judith Schoonover from Loudoun County Public Schools. Explore this rich collection of literacy and thematic resources for Do-It Yourselfers! These resources are based on the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and the "space" theme and offer powerpoints, templates, resource guides and literacy planners.
    TIME: 45 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: Making Books Come to Life is housed on a wiki site developed by the T/TAC at VCU's Assistive Technology Team to help professionals and families working with young children with disabilities learn more about literacy and how to make literacy experiences accessible, fun and engaging for all young learners. Explore these resources at your own pace, use them with your students, or use these materials to teach others how to adapt literacy experiences for all!
  3. TARGET AUDIENCE: ECE/Low Incidence, PK-12
    TIME: 30 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: It's really not surprising at all: non-verbal children have a hard time learning to read and write. Without functional expressive language skills, they are at risk. But what specifically can be done to help change this? This webshop will begin with research relating to home literacy experiences of non-verbal children, target specific needs of these children, and provide practical methods and technologies to help increase positive literacy outcomes. The aim of the webshop is to improve literacy outcomes for all students with speech impairments including those with cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome and any other disability where there is a deficit in expressive speech ability.
Tag(s): Assistive Technology Communication/Language Early Childhood