AT Solutions for Students with Autism (2012)

Author: TechKnowledgy Conference
Description: You are now entering the Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference area for practitioners and families interested in learning more using assistive technology with children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). We hope you will visit as many of the AT sessions as possible. You will notice each AT session specifies an approximate completion time and includes an evaluation. The evaluation is required in order to receive a certificate of participation. You may want to print your certificate and attach it to a printed copy of the conference program thus verifying your conference participation. Enjoy the conference!
  1. In this webshop, you will learn how to create meaningful literacy experiences by: Using age appropriate reading materials to differentiate instructional levels so all students can participate in a book club experience.

  2. With the growing popularity of using the iPad as an AAC device, AT practitioners need to be informed of the features of the available communication applications. By selecting the features of an application that best meet the needs of a particular student then the implementation of the AAC device is more successful. This video webshop demonstrates features of various communication apps for the iPad and iTouch.

  3. This video session will discuss what are visual supports and will provide examples of simple solutions that can be used in any classroom to support student independence.
  4. There are different types of communication: general communication, small talk, conversations, gossiping, and joking around. One device or app may not meet ALL communication needs. This module will introduce considerations when deciding on tools to meet the needs of an individual’s variety of communication contexts.
  5. First-Then Boards are an effective tool to help young children attend for longer periods of time, complete less desired tasks and transition between activities. They are easy to make and use and can be individualized to meet the varied needs of children. Explore this session to see samples, learn to make one, view videos and find links to templates.
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