AT Solutions for All Students (2012)

Author: TechKnowledgy Conference
Description: You are now entering the Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference area for practitioners and families interested in learning more about using assistive technology with all children and youth with disabilities. We hope you will visit as many of the AT sessions as possible. You will notice each AT session specifies an approximate completion time and includes an evaluation. The evaluation is required in order to receive a certificate of participation. You may want to print your certificate and attach it to a printed copy of the conference program thus verifying your conference participation. Enjoy the conference!
  1. iPads are new and versatile tools that are showing up in classrooms around the country. This webshop is a short tutorial on basic controls that will help the new iPad user get started with mobile technology. This webshop is for older first generation iPads.

  2. This video is from the VDOE's Self-Determination project's website and includes interviews from several different young adults who have had various experiencing using assistive technology (AT). The youth share how AT has worked for them, the challenges they've had with obtaining and maintaining their devices and tools, and the self-advocacy skills they've used to be able to access AT in certain environments.
Tag(s): Assistive Technology Mild/Moderate Disabilities