AT Solutions for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities (2011)

Author: TechKnowledgy Conference

You are now entering the Virtual TechKnowledgy Conference area for practitioners and families working with students with mild to moderate disabilities. We hope you will visit as many of the webshop sessions as possible. You will notice each webshop specifies an approximate completion time and includes an evaluation. The evaluation is required in order to receive a certificate of participation. You may want to print your certificate and attach it to your conference program thus verifying your conference participation. Enjoy the conference! This conference will remain live from November 10, 2011 through October, 2012.

  1. TARGET AUDIENCE: Mild/Moderate, Low Incidence
    TIME: 18 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: This workshop will provide an overview of the stages of the writing process and identify interventions that can be addressed at the appropriate stage of the writing process. A separate webshop will specifically address assistive technology solutions for writing

  2. TARGET AUDIENCE: Mild/Moderate, Low Incidence
    TIME: 25 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: During this portion of the workshop we will explore assistive technology solutions that can be used at all stages of the writing process. Solutions will be explained and resources will be given.
  3. TARGET AUDIENCE: AT Teams, Mild/Moderate K-12
    TIME: 10 minutes
    DESCRIPTION: The following video is a demonstration by educators in central Virginia about various light tech tools that can support student learning in the classroom.
Tag(s): All Disabilities Assistive Technology Curriculum/Instructional Methods Mild/Moderate Disabilities