NAEYC resources to establish encouraging classrooms and counter bullying


Resources shared by NAEYC to help EC educators foster positive social and emotional development and counter bullying. 


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Young Children

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Teaching Young Children

  • Good Guidance: The 7 Essential Life Skills
    Ellen Galinsky covers a few topics in this article including: the first life skill, focus and self control, and offers teachers practical suggestions for promoting this skill in their work with preschoolers.


  • To Prevent Bullying, Focus on Early Childhood
    This blog post identifies key contextual factors linked to bullying behaviors, promising and evidence-based programs that help address emerging behavior, and the need for further research.
  • Bullying in Early Childhood
    This post references a research review paper on bullying in early childhood that was published in the Educational Psychology Review by Vlachou and her colleagues. 

For Families

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