Application (due by midnight May 9, 2018) for Scholarship to Space Center U, Houston, TX


The Space Center University (Space Center U) Program for Students with Visual Impairment is a challenging new three-day program for students with blindness or visual impairment, ages 15 through18. It will be held August 8-10, 2018, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Space Center Houston, Houston, TX.

This pilot program combines classroom theory with thought-provoking, hands-on tasks that promote teamwork, problem solving, communication and engineering solutions to space-related situations. The program is designed to develop and improve critical-thinking skills, fiscal responsibility, creativity and the drive to be successful.

Space Center U Visual Impairment program includes the following:

  • Hands-on, engineering-based activities and data collection for real-world analysis
  • Interactive, project-based learning that includes a one-stage rocket launch, thermal tile and cryogenic capsule testing, robotics, parachute design, collaborative teaming and implementation of critical thinking skills
  • Experts sharing what it takes to work at NASA and the projects that prepare humans for space exploration
  • Daily lunch at Space Center Houston
  • Brunch with an Astronaut
  • Graduation ceremony and certificates

Space Center U’s Visual Impairment Program was developed jointly by Space Center Houston’s accessibility and inclusion coordinator and the Space Center U coordinator, as well as local experts, to meet the needs of students with low vision or blindness. A variety of accommodations will be available, including computer software/technology, and materials presented in Braille, large print, and verbally. Tactile examples of key concepts will be used.

Scholarship Opportunity

The Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC) is a coalition of five Virginia colleges and universities, NASA, state education agencies and other institutions representing diverse STEM education and research. VSGC offers a wide range of student opportunities including fellowships, scholarships, internships, research experiences, and student flight projects. The VSGC is offering a scholarship to one Virginia student who meets the requirements (please see the attachment).


8/8/2018 8:00 AM - 8/10/2018 4:00 PM


Space Center Houston
Houston, TX


Curriculum/Instructional Methods High School History/Social Science Professional Resources Vision Impairment