Engage with the CSB Developmental Disabilities Team This Summer (Fairfax County, Falls Church and Fairfax Cities)


The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board’s (CSB) developmental disabilities staff currently provides employment assistance and training to over 1,300 people; services that help people enter and remain in the workforce or in meaningful day activities. Employment or a meaningful day activity is an important part of life, helping to add fulfillment, inclusion, economic self-determination, and identity to a person’s life. Demands for CSB’s high quality employment and day services are growing and they’re searching for a way to continue to meet the needs of our community. They need your ideas on how to provide various levels of service, for the greatest number of people, while containing costs. There are several opportunities this summer for you to voice ideas, inform priorities, propose solutions and create meaningful change:

  • Attend a Kick Off event on Thursday, July 6.
  • Join CSB at one of four hands-on Resource Challenge Workshops around the county during July.
  • Participate in our Innovation Challenge – Share your innovative ideas on how CSB can support more people and meet the needs of more families while containing costs. Submit your creative proposals and innovative business models now.
  • Attend a concluding Round-Up Dialogue on Tuesday, August 8.
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