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PBL: School impact on the ecosystem and conservation of resources

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

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Kaechele Elementary


  1. The students will understand that carbon is in everything and is everywhere.
  2. The students will learn to lessen their carbon footprint.
  3. The students will develop a plan to educate the Kaechele community about conservation of our resources.

Kaechele's impact on the ecosystem and conservation of resources


When our school was built in 2013, we were certified as a L.E.E.D. school. As a silver level rated school, our school was built with many green features. How can our school continue to adhere to the ideas of being a green school and conserve resources?

Culminating Activity

Students will develop projects to raise awareness of conservation in and around Kaechele Elementary.

Problem Question

As a LEED school, how can we conserve resources and lessen our impact on the environment around Kaechele?

Student Role

Students at Kaechele are the scientists working on this problem.

‚Äčdownload.jpgConservation PBL Unit Overview Kaechele Elementary 4th, 5th Grade.pdf

Question Map:


download.jpgConservation PBL Unit Question Map Kaechele Elementary 4th, 5th Grade.pdf

Created by Kaechele Elementary School.

by Chris Mystkowski at 3:56 PM in Elementary, Earth and Space Science, Problem Based Learning/PBL
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