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Activity: Temperature and Depth

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Activity #2: Temperature and Depth
Time: 45 min
  • tall cylinder- could be a large graduated cylinder, black paper, salt, ice, hot and cold water, 2 long thermometers, salt, 2 large beakers, red and blue food coloring, tiny bottles glued onto 2 tongue depressors, 4 beakers of any size, graph paper, book on SONAR, student models of the ocean floor, or a raised map of the ocean floor, copies of the lab sheet, internet
Guiding Questions
  1. What changes as the ocean gets deeper?

Plans for part 1 of activity: Watch "Telling Temp" at Review how to read a thermometer.

Students will answer T/F activities and create a line graph of data by going to 4 stations. (See lab sheet) Station 1-the teacher sets up cylinder with salt and ice in the bottom. Put black paper around to cover this area of the cylinder. Slowly pour in water ¾ way to top. The students measure the temp at the ¾ mark and record, then again at the very bottom and record. Station 2- the teacher sets up 2 large beakers of room temp water, and glues two small bottles to two tongue despressors-one with super cold blue water and one with hot red water. The student SLOWLY lowers the tongue depressor submerging the bottle of water into the large beaker and observes then do the second one. Station 3- have students' models, flipbooks, maps, SONAR info, etc available. Students use these materials to answer the question. Station 4- the teacher sets up the 4 beakers of water/ice/salt. The students take the temps of each and complete the lab sheet.

  • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:

    Plans for part 2 of activity: Discourse of the findings
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
  • Give a nonparticipatory student a specific statement to share during discourse or checklist to mark how often those words were heard
ELL Modification
  • Vocab words on index cards
Check for Understanding: Collect lab sheets and listen to resposes during discourse
download.jpgCommotion in the Ocean Activity Temperature and Depth.pdf

Use with the Commotion in the Ocean Master Lesson Plan

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