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Activity: Identifying the Elements in Water

Monday, March 2, 2015

Time 20 mins
  • Material 1 – Atom building kit
  • Material 2 – journals
  • Material 3 - pencils
Guiding Questions
  1. Question 1What elements are in water?
  • Plans for part 1 of activity
    • The students will brainstorm all of the different thinks they have heard water called. If no student thinks of H2O, the teacher will guide them to it.
    • The students will be asked what they think it means; where have they seen letters as symbols like that.
    • The students will identify hydrogen and oxygen.
    • The students will work in groups of 3 to make two H models and one O model.
    • They will save these models for the next day.
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • What does H stand for? O?
      • How can we model water?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
      • Hydrogen, Oxygen
      • Build Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Plans for part 2 of activity
    • Students will wrap up by writing facts they learned about atoms and elements on post-its and posting them on a designated spot on the wall
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • What have you learned about atoms and elements?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
      • Various responses
  • Strategy 1 - small groups
  • Strategy 2 - manipulatives
ELL Modification
  • Modification 1 - steps for building displayed in 1, 2, 3 order
  • Modification 2 – visual representations used with instructions
Check for Understanding

The students will be assessed based on their models and the facts the write on the post-its.

download.jpgMaking Our Water Work Matter Activity Identifying Elements in Water.pdf

Created by: Ms. Felice, Ms. Von Bank and Ms. Winning.

by Chris Mystkowski at 3:16 PM in Activity, Elementary, Physical Science
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