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Activity: Follow-up On Phase Change Activity

Friday, February 27, 2015

Activity Follow up on phase change activity.
Time 40 mins
  • Material 1 – journals
  • Material 2 – pencils
  • Material 3 – Atom Building Kit
  • Material 4 – Class set of periodic tables
Guiding Questions
  1. Question 1 - How has the water in the phase change activities changed?
  2. Question 2 - What caused those changes and how is heat related?
  • Plans for part 1 of activity:
    • Students will be shown a picture of a structure made of building blocks and will relate that to atoms.
    • Students will be shown a diagram of an atom and learn the parts.
    • The students will be each given a pre-made atom and will be asked to disassemble it, count all of the parts, sketch it in their journals, and label all of the parts.
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • What is a building block?
      • How many neutrons, electrons, and protons are there?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
      • Its what structures are made out of.
      • Variuous responses
    • Plans for part 2 of activity:
    • The students will then share their atoms and discus why they had different numbers of parts.
    • The students will be introduced to the periodic table and be told that it organizes all of the different elements based on their composition. The students will then identify their atom.
    • Students will be given an element and asked to build an atom for it.
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • What do you see on the periodic table?
      • What patterns do you see in the periodic table?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
      • Symbols and numbers
      • Increasing numbers and colors
  • Strategy 1 – Manipulatives
  • Strategy 2 – teacher can assign elements to provide each student with the appropriate level of difficulty
ELL Modification
  • Modification 1 – steps for building displayed in 1, 2, 3 order
  • Modification 2 – visual representations used with instructions
Check for Understanding
The students will be assessed through the data they collect in their journals and building their atom.

Making Our Water Work Activity Follow-up on Phase Change Activity.pdf

Created by: Ms. Felice, Ms. Von Bank and Ms. Winning.

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