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Activity: Separating Solutions

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Time: 40 minutes
  • Material 1 – solutions (lemonade)
  • Material 2 – various containers
  • Material 3 – various plastic (bags, plastic wrap, etc.)
  • Material 4 – heat source
Guiding Questions
  1. Question 1 – How can you separate water from lemonade?
  2. Question 2 – How can collect the water?
  • Plans for part 1 of activity:
    • The students will design their own experiments to separate the water from lemonade.
    • Students will write the experiment in their journals.
    • The students will build the experiment and the teacher will use the heat source to test.
    • Students will record results in their journals.
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • Where does the water vapor go?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
      • Up into the air.
  • Plans for part 2 of activity
    • The students will share their experiment and results with the class.
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • How effective was your design?
      • What areas are there for improvement?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions:
      • Various responses
  • Strategy 1 – small group work
  • Strategy 2 – technology used to aid in the collection of observations
ELL Modification
  • Modification 1 – steps for collecting observations displayed in 1, 2, 3 order
  • Modification 2 – visual representations used with instructions
Check for Understanding The students will be assessed through the data they collect in their journals and what they share with the class.

download.jpgMaking Our Water Work Activity Separating Solutions.pdf

Created by: Ms. Felice, Ms. Von Bank and Ms. Winning.

by Chris Mystkowski at 3:08 PM in Activity, Elementary, Physical Science
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