Four Online Self-Paced Tutorials from Perkins for Individuals Working with Children Who are Blind or Visually Impaired (Spring 2018) Registration is open for Course #1 and #2


Outreach Services, VSDB has purchased access to four more online, self-paced tutorials (90 minutes to 10 weeks), and is making them available this semester free of charge to professionals in Virginia who want to learn more about working with children who are blind or visually impaired.* These courses were developed at the Perkins School for the Blind. Those who register before the given deadline for each will be sent a code that will allow access for varying periods of time, depending on length of tutorial (dates are specified) to complete that tutorial at their convenience, 24/7. At the end of that tutorial, each participant will choose from “ACVREP” (includes their logo), “Continuing Education,” or “Professional Development.” People may take one course, or as many as they want.

REGISTER NOW for Course #1, Spring, 2018: Applying the Expanded Core Curriculum (20 Credits)

Registration for this course ends Jan. 25, 2018. Course access is Jan. 26-April 10, 2018.

Course Description: This workshop includes lectures and writings by professionals with specific expertise in each of the nine areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum. Workshop participants will reflect on their own practice and teaching methods in each area, and collect resources to support their students and families. Completion requirements include assignments, readings, quizzes, and a final assessment. Students are expected to be familiar with all material presented in the workshop, and to submit all assignments where indicated.

REGISTER NOW for Course #2, Spring, 2018: iExploration: Using an iPad for Vision Stimulation (1.5 Credits)

Registration for this course ends Jan. 25,2018. Course access is Jan 26 – Feb. 26, 2018.

Course Description: Presented by Laura Campaña, M.A., this tutorial presents an in-depth view of how the iPad can be used to provide vision stimulation to young children with varying degrees of visual impairments, including those with significant additional disabilities or CVI. Participants will earn 1.5 ACVREP or Continuing Education credits by completing an online quiz. Target audience includes Teachers of students with blindness/visual impairment, deaf-blindness or additional challenges; O&Ms, Parents, and Rehabilitation Specialists.

After the registration period ends, you will receive a voucher (coupon) code, and can then take the course at your convenience from any location, within the time period allotted (see below).

Information regarding registration for and access to courses being offered by Outreach Spring, 2018 follows. Registration info for courses 3 and 4 will be sent later.

A brief description of course #3 and #4, the next self-paced tutorials being offered Spring 2018 semester,  by Outreach Services follows:

Course #3: Functional Vision Assessment (Feb. 28 - Apr. 10, 2018) – Participants will learn to describe the educational benefits of Functional Vision Assessment, interpret clinical visual reports for educational purposes, design a FVA kit for use in their practice, conduct a FVA with a student/client, apply knowledge of a student’s functional vision to adaptations and accommodations that will support the student’s educational needs, and have practice involving a student’s educational team in decision-making and goal setting based on the student’s functional vision assessment. (10 Credits)

Course #4: Student Assessment (Feb. 28 - Apr. 10, 2018) is made up of 4 videos that discuss the importance of using a combination of assessments when assessing students with visual impairments, how to evaluate your students’ progress using data collection systems, and how to incorporate the data into current assessment processes. Participants will earn 4 credits by completing the tutorial and taking an online assessment. (4 Credits)

*If you do not need credit or certificates of completion toward licensure, these courses can be accessed for free through Perkins without going through Outreach Services.


1/26/2018 - 4/10/2018,
1/26/2018 - 2/26/2018


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