Early Childhood Investigations Webinar: Abuse? Not Our Kids! Protecting Children from Abuse by Empowering Early Educators


Those who work with children in daycare and preschool settings are uniquely positioned to make a big difference in the lives of the children and families they serve. Sadly, they can also often be some of the first to suspect or witness signs of child abuse and neglect. By introducing their students to personal safety rules and skills in clear and age-appropriate ways, they can help young children learn to recognize and report unsafe and abusive situations and touches. Children can then begin to understand boundaries with other children and with grown-ups in their lives. As preschool teachers and site managers introduce these skills, it’s important they understand why they’re teaching these skills and are comfortable discussing the topic with children, with each other, and with family members who may inquire about what’s being taught. Additionally, when they’re also trained to recognize in young children signs of child abuse or neglect including child sexual abuse, to know how to respond to disclosures of abuse, and to report if necessary, they can intervene to protect the children in their care.

Join Bridgid Normand, MEd, Director of Education and Learning at Committee for Children (creators of the Second Step Program), who will discuss age-appropriate ways to teach young children personal safety skills, training for teachers on how to respond to disclosure, and how to create support plans for children and families. Anastasia Vitovitz, MEd,  Snohomish County Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program  Coordinator, will share how she trains staff to communicate with and engage families in personal safety topics. You’ll also learn from Anastasia how she trains staff to recognize, respond to, and report child abuse in a network of nearly 80 early childhood classrooms.


3/28/2018 2:00 PM - 3/28/2018 3:30 PM


Early Childhood Parent/Family Preschool Professional Development Professional Resources Safety