Recorded Webinar: Top 10 Winning Strategies for Managing Stress in Early Childhood Education (Source for Learning)


Are you stressed? Do you stress about things like, work, home, and family? If so, you’re not alone! Join this webinar and a community of like-minded ECE experts, teachers, and peers. Stress is not an event…..stress is our reaction to an event. Stress can motivate you to achieve great things! But in excess, stress can be overwhelming. Learn about the indicators and strategies to combat educator stress to help increase your engagement (both personally and professionally) while working with young children. The outcomes will benefit you – and therefore your students, their families, your program, and your community.


  • Understand the adverse effects of educator stress.
  • Manage stress to increase engagement.
  • Identify stress indicators.
  • Learn Strategies to cope with stress.



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