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PBL: How Toy Vehicles Use Electricity, Electromagnetism and Energy

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Electrical Energy Transformation

  1. Investigate electrical circuits & how they work.
  2. Determine how electricity and magnetism are related.
  3. Discover how mass affects force.
  4. Investigate how toy vehicles are designed and create a toy vehicle that changes electrical energy into light and motion.

A toy vehicle uses electricity, electromagnetism and energy to move.


The Toysmith Toy Company is having a contest to design a new vehicle that changes electrical energy to light and motion.

Culminating Activity

Design, build & submit a proposal for a self-propelling vehicle which lights up. Students will also write a letter to the toy company with their proposal.

Problem Question

How do toy vehicles use electricity, electromagnetism and energy to move?

Student Role

Students will be engineers designing their vehicles and testing them. They will also need to market their vehicle by writing a letter and submitting their proposal.

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Question Map:


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by Chris Mystkowski at 10:44 AM in Elementary, Physical Science, Problem Based Learning/PBL
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