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Activity: Seed Introduction

Monday, February 23, 2015

Plants - #3: Seed Introduction
Time: 1 Class Period
  • Variety of Seeds (Different Sizes), Lima Beans, Water, & Large Container
Guiding Questions
  • How does a plant grow?
  • Are all seed the same?
  • Do all plants grow from seeds?
  • What does a seed need in order to grow?
  • Place the students in small groups
  • Hand each group a paper plate with a variety of different seeds. Include seeds of different sizes.
  • Have students discuss in their groups what kind of seeds they think they have.
  • After some discussion, tell the students what kind of seeds they have.
  • Students need to draw, label, and color pictures of the seeds in their Science Journal.
  • Students need to write descriptions of the seeds in the Science Journal.
  • Students will draw a Venn Diagram comparing three kinds of seeds. How are they similar? How are they different?
  • Explain that the seeds are currently dormant. Discuss with students what dormancy means.
  • Write the definition of dormancy in their Science Journal.
  • Discourse – Have students share their Venn Diagrams and the things they noticed about the seeds.
  • Give each student five Lima Beans and ask them to put the seeds in the container filled with water.
Differentiation: ​ Purposeful Groups, Graphic Organizer – Venn Diagram
ELL Modification: ​ Purposeful Grouping, Visuals - Illustrations and Labels
Check for Understanding: ​ Journal and Venn Diagrams

Use with the Impact of Invasive Species on Virginia Ecosystems Lesson Plan

Created by St. Paul School, Carroll County

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