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Activity: Dissect Seeds

Monday, February 23, 2015

Plants - #4:
Dissect Seeds
Time:One Class Period
Materials: Soaked Lima Beans (from yesterday's class), Dry Lima Beans, and Dissecting Tools
Guiding Questions
  • What is inside a seed?
  • How can we look inside a seed? What tools can we use?
  • Why did the seeds change when they were soaked?

Student Activity

  • Give each student one Lima Bean (not from the container).
  • Draw a picture and describe.
  • Have students look at the seeds in the container. Let them discuss what has happened.
  • Have each student get two or three of the soaked Lima Beans from the container of water.
  • Draw a picture and record observations.
  • Go over safety issues and then give students dissecting tools.
  • Students will dissect seeds by removing the outer seed covering and cutting open the lima bean seed to view the embryo.
  • Students are to draw and make observations in their Science Journal.
  • Discourse – Students need to discuss their observations, thoughts, and share what they learned.
Differentiation:Tactile Learning and Discussion
ELL Modification:Tactile Learning, Illustrations, and Diagrams
Check for Understanding:

Discussions and Science Journals

download.jpgImpact of Invasive Species on Virginia Ecosystems Dissect Seeds.pdf

Use with the Impact of Invasive Species on Virginia Ecosystems Lesson Plan

Created by St. Paul School, Carroll County

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