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Activity: What is a Molecule?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Time: Approximate time to complete this activity 15 min.
Guiding Questions
  1. Question 1 – What is a molecule?
  2. Question 2 – How are molecules formed?
  • Plans for part 1 of activity: Video from Science Kids
    • Guiding Questions to ask during this part of the activity:
      • What is a molecule?
      • How are molecules formed?
    • Anticipated Student Responses to guiding questions: Pieces of matter that stick together.
  • Strategy 1 - Visuals
ELL Modification
  • Modification 1 - Visuals used
  • Modification 2 - social interaction
Check for Understanding

How you will assess or check for student understanding throughout this activity.

Have students pair and share with a partner their ideas of a molecule is and how they are formed.

download.jpgMaking Our Water Work Matter Activity What is a Molecule.pdf

Created by: Ms. Felice, Ms. Von Bank and Ms. Winning.

by Chris Mystkowski at 3:39 PM in Activity, Elementary, Physical Science
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