Application Due May 3, 2024! Opportunity for Team Training in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Virginia Department of Education, VDOE

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Complete the TBI Team Training - Cohort 14 Application by Friday, May 3, 2024. - The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is seeking applications from school divisions for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Team Training Cohort 14. Team members will receive intensive professional development this summer and continuous support that will focus on improving the school division’s or region’s capacity to provide programming and support services for students with TBI. Selected teams will be provided professional development in the area of TBI/concussions through face-to-face training, webinars, and telephone conferences; numerous materials and online resources to assist with meeting the needs of students with TBI/concussions; and ongoing support from state specialists.

Each team will consist of five members representing, but not limited to, the following disciplines: special education administrator (highly recommended), special education teacher, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech/language pathologist, school nurse, school psychologist, and athletic trainer.

All team members are required:

  • to attend the three-day in person summer training, which will be held on July 23-25, 2024and
  • the one-day, follow-up training in the spring of 2025 in the Richmond area

Selection criteria includes number of students with TBI or reported concussions; geographic location; perceived needs and resources of school division or region; and other issues addressed in the application narrative.

To nominate a team,




Deborah Johnson - Specialist-Intellectual Disabilities
(804) 750-8645


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