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Description: With the passage of the Virginia Literacy Act (VLA) in the 2022 General Assembly, Virginia is taking the lead nationwide to improve early literacy outcomes for Virginia’s young learners. Through the VLA, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) will support school divisions through a multi-year effort with tools, resources, technical assistance and funding.
Description: Management and Routines includes: Managing Materials Be Kind Beginning of the Day Communication Independent Work Time Safety & Transitions
Description: Family News: What is Science-Based Reading Research? Science-based reading instruction is based on research from many different fields: Education, Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Linguistics. Research identies important content and teaching methods. Science-based reading research leads to science-based reading instruction. Video: Science-Based Reading Research and the Virginia Literacy Act - What Families Need to Know Family Resources How Can My Child Listen to Books at Home? How Can My...
Description: This site includes Professional Learning Module Series, Instructional Resources & Materials as well as a Professional Learning Library.
Description: This webinar is an Overview of the New State Literacy Screener Virginia Literacy and Language Screening System (VALLSS). (Length 43:46)
Description: This is the recording of the Virginia Literacy Act: Statewide Training for Reading Specialists that took place on March 29, 2023. (Length: 1:06:27)
Description: The is the recording of the webinar, Overview of the Virginia Literacy Act, from September 8, 2022.
Description: The Approved Core Instructional Program Guide (PDF) provides an overview of the approved core instructional programs. To compile this guide, VDOE partnered with Virginia Literacy Partnerships (VLP) at the University of Virginia School of Education to facilitate reviews of core instructional programs. The Core Instructional Review Process is unique to Virginia and consists of two phases, each with discrete rubrics for each grade band. Rubrics were produced by VLP and reviewed by...
Description: The Reading League Virginia hosted members from the Virginia Literacy Partnership (VLP) office of UVA to share updates to the Virginia Language and Literacy Screening System (VALLSS, formerly PALS) in preparation for statewide implementation in school year 2024-2025. 
Description: Families can find information about a certain topic or find activities to do at home. Topics include: How Can My Child Listen to Books at Home? or How Can My Child Play Computer Games to Help Improve Literacy Skills?
Description: Value Series: Virginia Assessment for Literacy - Updated and Expanded - Learn about topics grounded in science-based reading research. This series scaffolds learning about each topic by presenting short introductory videos, infographics, recorded webinars, instructional resources, and finally additional readings for each of the key components of effective instruction. A Professional Learning Guide is included for each topic. This guide provides a step-by-step comprehensive implementation...
Description: Pre-K Language & Literacy Screener looks at alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, language: passage comprehension, name writing, and print concepts. PALS-K Assessment is a measure of children's knowledge of several important literacy fundamentals: phonological awareness, alphabet recognition, concept of word, knowledge of letter sounds and spelling. PALS-K provides a direct means of matching literacy instruction to specific literacy needs and provides a means of identifying...