Web Policy


TTAC Online follows these policies and best practices, but they cannot be construed as a contractual promise. TTAC Online reserves the right to amend the Web Privacy Policy statement at any time without notice.

User IDs and passwords submitted through TTAC Online are encrypted before transmission across the network and stored in a secure environment. Information that we do retain includes:

  • Routing information logs to aid law enforcement agencies if hackers attempt to breach security.
  • Transaction routing information for statistical summaries to assess site content and server performance; data is shared with educational partners.

Users are not required to provide any information to our website, but the site will not work without routing information and essential technical information. If a browser cannot or will not provide nonessential technical information, some site features will not work. If certain optional information is not available, some features or services will not be functional as a result.

Links to Outside Sites
Some TTAC Online web pages have many links to sites outside the ttaconline.org domain. TTAC Online is not responsible for the privacy practices of any outside site. Users should read the individual policy statements of each website when they leave the TTAC Online website.


What Are Cookies?
Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer or mobile device that allow us to collect certain information whenever you visit our website or interact with our services. They are used in order to make our websites work properly or more efficiently, as well as recognize you when you return to our website later.

How We Use Cookies
TTAC Online and authorized third-party service providers collect information about users’ activities and experiences while visiting the TTAC Online website.

We use cookies to recognize new visitors to the TTAC Online website, recognize past users, better understand the interests of our users and website visitors, and improve the website to enhance the visitor experience. Cookies and other tracking technologies may be used to collect personal data or collect information that becomes personal data if combined with other information. The information gathered may include demographic data, browser type, pages visited, and the day and time of your visit. The only personal data that may be collected is IP address. TTAC Online takes data privacy seriously and is committed to protecting your personal data appropriately.


TTAC Online, sponsored by Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), is committed to providing web content that is accessible to all – including people with disabilities – and to meeting or exceeding all state and national accessibility standards. If you need assistance with accessibility, please contact us or call us at 703-993-4496.