High-Leverage Practices for the Post-COVID Classroom: Preparing Teachers, Staff, and Other Stakeholders for Instructional and Behavioral Challenges (Register by October 8, 2021) For Region 5 Only


The purpose of this free virtual professional development series is to provide new and experienced teachers, administrators, para-educators, substitutes, and other school stakeholders with key information about five essential high-leverage practices for supporting students with disabilities and all students.  

  • For each HLP practice, a pre-recorded multimedia vignette with Dr. Michael Kennedy containing lecture, modeling videos, supplemental readings, and discussion questions is provided for participants to independently view. 
  • Paired with each vignette is a follow-up hour-long live Q&A session with Dr. Michael Kennedy where attendees can ask questions, solve problems, and make connections with other educators around the region.  

Dr. Michael Kennedy, Associate Professor of Special Education at UVA, was a member of the workgroup that wrote HLPs for Special Education, has taken a leading role in developing a series of free, online HLP videos, and developed the HLP Implementation Checklists.

Register by October 8, 2021.

Session 1, October 12, 2021: The ABCs of Explicit Instruction and High-Quality Feedback. In this session, the focus is on the key elements of explicit instruction and matching high-quality feedback. This includes using clear language, providing multiple and varied opportunities to respond, providing high quality/specific feedback, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and demonstrations. This session is the grounding for the other practices, as EI and feedback are the backbone of the effective educator’s repertoire. In addition, the teacher providing EI is in a good position to ensure students are highly engaged in meaningful ways. HLPs covered: 16, 8, 22, 18. 

Session 2, November 9, 2021: Creating and Maintaining an Organized, Respectful Learning Environment. In this session, the focus is on proactive, positive classroom and behavior management practices. This includes notes on teaching and re-teaching expectations, using behavior-specific feedback, providing explicit prompts and precorrections, using error corrections, understanding function of behavior, and developing positive relationships with students. A focus is on using aspects of explicit instruction to teach students expectations and routines. HLPs covered: 7, 8, 9, 10. 

Session 3, January 11, 2022: Do We Collaborate or Do We Just Talk? Strategies/Practices to Improve Collaboration with Colleagues and Families. In this session, the focus is on effective collaboration strategies with colleagues and families. Because no educator works alone, specific skills for collaboration are needed. Although collaboration is needed, many professionals find themselves in situations where collaboration exists, but is not done in an effective manner.  The purpose of this session is to provide specific strategies for collaboration with colleagues, and also family members. HLPs covered: 1-3. 

Session 4, February 8, 2022: The IEP is Just the Beginning of Planning. While the IEP is an essential part of the education experience for a student with a disability, how teachers and teams set and pursue short- and long-term learning goals, systematically design instruction towards those goals, and select/implement accommodations and modifications to support student outcomes are essential. Teachers need to work together to utilize a range of data sources that inform decision-making. HLPs covered: 4-6, 10-13

Session 5, March 8, 2022: Advanced Topics and Further Extensions. To conclude the series, we highlight HLPs that rely upon collaboration, data collection/planning, use of EI, and effective classroom management to round off a practitioner’s effective repertoire. This includes strategic use of flexible groupings, assistive and instructional technology, scaffolded supports, and teaching students to generalize new learning to other settings. HLPs covered: 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21. 



10/12/2021 3:30 PM - 10/12/2021 4:30 PM,
11/9/2021 3:30 PM - 11/9/2021 4:30 PM,
1/11/2022 3:30 PM - 1/11/2022 4:30 PM,
2/8/2022 3:30 PM - 2/8/2022 4:30 PM,
3/8/2022 3:30 PM - 3/8/2022 4:30 PM


A zoom link will be emailed to participants the week before the event.


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