Online Course: XEDUC215N - Mathematical Mindsets



The Mathematical Mindsets course helps educators inspire and boost math achievement. You’ll learn the latest neuroscientific research on the best methods by which students learn math, as well as the specific methods and approaches you can use to successfully help your students develop a growth mindset.

In this class, Dr. Jo Boaler will provide visual examples of how she taught mathematics to 6th and 7th grade students using these effective techniques. The teaching intervention, which was 18 lessons long, raised the students' test scores by an average of 50%.

Participants will also hear from thought leaders such as Carol Dweck and Steve Strogatz.

Topics Include

  • Methods to start math class off right
  • Messages and praise we give students
  • Teaching visual mathematics
  • Approaches to designing and choosing good tasks
  • Techniques to encourage productive class and group discussions
  • Ways to encourage a mistakes-friendly environment
  • Methods of inspiring mathematical problem solving and investigation

Mathematical Mindsets is an online course, consisting of approximately 30 classroom videos. It will take approximately 30 hours to complete. The course includes an online community where teachers are invited to discuss the videos and topics with other participants. It is completely aligned with the Common Core standards.


It is recommended teachers first take How to Learn Math for Teachers before enrolling in Mathematical Mindsets.


  • $99 per person
  • A discounted rate is available for groups of 150 or more, at $75 per person.  Please contact for more information on groups of 150 people or more.


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