[TechKnowledgy 2021-22] Adapting Books and Creating Kits for Learning


TechKnowledgy Conference


Presented by: Ynez Peterson and Sharon Jones

Adapting books by adding visual and tactile supports along with core vocabulary, increases engagement and reading comprehension, and supports the varied learning needs of students with disabilities. With a focus on farm animals, the presenters provide you with an overview of the whys and hows of adapting books and a "guided" opportunity to adapt a farm animals book. They also share ideas for creating a learning kit and provide online resources for creating electronic books or print-based books. They also share ways to create learning kits that expand upon adapted books and can be embedded into learning centers and activities to promote meaningful engagement. Teachers can use these activities to supplement existing curriculum (including science and math activities) or as inspiration to create their own kits. This workshop is appropriate for professionals or families working with young children and/or students in grades K-12 who require extra support to facilitate their learning.


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