Assistive Technology Assessment in School-based and Remote Settings


Matthew Newton


An assessment of a student’s need for assistive technology (AT) is conducted when the IEP or IFSP team is unable to reach a decision during AT Consideration or when requested by any member of the IEP or IFSP team.  Assistive technology assessments should be conducted by a team with the collective knowledge and skills needed to determine possible assistive technology solutions that address the needs and abilities of the student, educational goals, and related activities in the student’s customary environments, such as the classroom, lunchroom, playground, home, community setting, or workplace.  Participants in this webshop will learn how to:

1. Establish defined assistive technology assessment procedures for their school divisions.

2. Conduct AT assessments with students in school-based and remote settings

3. How to seek additional help when assessors lack the skill or information needed to conduct the assessment.


All Disabilities Assessment Assistive Technology Elementary High School Middle School