[TechKnowledgy 2015-16] SETTing the Stage for the Success of EVERY Student


TechKnowledgy Conference


(Recorded webinar from 11/11/2015 presentation by Dr. Joy Zabala) In this active and thought-provoking session, Dr. Joy Zabala, the developer of the SETT Framework, will share some ideas about how the SETT Framework can assist collaborative teams at all stages of decision-making about technology and materials -- from consideration through implementation and evaluation of effectiveness. Thinking through the strengths and challenges students face when working toward mastery of tasks in their customary environments can lead to the consideration and selections of tools and strategies that truly make a measurable difference for them. This session will focus on: 1) introduction to and clarification of the critical elements of the SETT Framework; 2) how the SETT Framework can be tailored to the specific student and educational environments addressed; 3) examples of effective and ineffective ways to use the SETT Framework; and 4) a brief discussion of ways that the SETT Framework can be used to support decision-making that is not specifically related to technology and materials.


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