[TechKnowledgy 2017-18] Archived Webinar: Necessary Components of Successful AAC Implementation (Part 2)


TechKnowledgy Conference


Presented by: Christopher Bugaj

Working to provide students with a way to communicate is often a difficult task wrought with barriers and challenges. Learning language is less like one person opening a locked door and more like a team of construction workers building a house. Rarely is it the case that a dynamic augmentative communication device is put in place and then suddenly scores of language come spilling out of a student without persistent, focused support. It takes a consistent, collaborative effort to implement a functional language system. Together we’ll explore proven strategies for teaching even the youngest students how to become effective, functional communicators by teaching them language and by engineering the school, home, and community environments so that all communicators have opportunities for rich, meaningful practice of language in the context of everyday routines.

This session embeds current research in the use of AAC. You will take an in-depth look at coaching communication partners and how coaching practices empower parents and educators to take ownership of promoting the use of AAC systems in every lesson, activity, and endeavor all day long in all environments. Leave equipped with effective methodologies, strategies and perspectives necessary to implement AAC systems that work to usher students down a path and into a world where they become functional communicators.


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