Oral Language Development: Developing Speech & Language Skills in the Classroom, Part III


Meghan Betz, Kelley Regan


In Part III of this series, participants will learn about oral language difficulties that they may encounter when working with students with speech-language impairments, specific learning disabilities, autism, emotional disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. They will also learn strategies to implement in their classrooms and ways to collaborate with school speech-language pathologists.

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  1. Developing Speech and Language Skills in the Classroom
  2. How to use this module
  3. Review
  4. Overview
  5. Review
  6. Review
  7. Areas of Speech & Language
  8. Students in general education programs who may have language difficulties
  9. Speech-Language Impairment
  10. Specific Learning Disabilities
  11. Autism
  12. Communication Impairments
  13. Speech –Language Pathologists
  14. Speech-Language Services
  15. Speech Challenges
  16. Speech Challenges
  17. Language Challenges
  18. Language Challenges
  19. Language Difficulties
  20. Language Difficulties
  21. Teachers as Speech-Language Facilators
  22. Effective Teacher Behaviors
  23. Classroom teacher example
  24. Visuals
  25. Classroom Visuals
  26. Classroom Visuals
  27. Effective Teacher Behaviors
  28. Wait time
  29. Effective Prompting
  30. Questioning Techniques
  31. Elaborative Language
  32. Modeling critical thinking
  33. Self-Assessment
  34. Conclusion
  35. References


Communication/Language Speech/Language Impairment