Providing Multiple Opportunities to Respond (Kaimuki Middle School)


It is well known that research has established a positive connection between effective instruction and high levels of student engagement and as a result, higher student achievement. When engagement is high, fewer minutes are spent reprimanding, correcting, and redirecting. Plus, a proactive approach will lead to positive relationships among the classroom community!

Increasing your students’ opportunities to respond to your instruction (before assessment time) has these benefits:

  • The more time students are involved, the more is learned
  • Increased rates of responding (and subsequent improved learning) tends to increase the amount that can be covered
  • On-task behavior and correct response increase, while disruptions decrease
  • Reduces the traditional reliance on student volunteer responses
  • Increases randomness of responders to keep students actively engaged
  • Provides continual feedback for the teach on student learning and the effectiveness of teaching strategies


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