Graspable Math


Graspable Math allows students to:

  • Experiment with tangible equations

Students can probe dynamic math expressions like they would probe pulleys in a physics experiment. Graspable Math turns algebra into a real, living thing that students at each level can interact with to learn.

  • Engage in playful mathematical thinking

We'd all prefer to play chess by moving pieces on a board over copying their positions with pencil and paper after each turn. Why not let your students do math by moving pieces, too? Graspable Math will keep track of their steps, so they can start focusing on strategy. 

  • Practice and explore safely

It's frustrating to finish a long derivation just to realize you made a mistake in one of the first steps. Our system provides constant feedback to ensure students play by the rules, so that they can safely practice and explore.


Assistive Technology Curriculum/Instructional Methods Math