Elevate Virginia: Career Seekers Youth Programs (Work Innovation and Opportunity Act, WIOA)


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I Youth Program provides services to disconnected youth, ages 14-21, who face barriers to employment. Youth gain access to WIOA services through local youth WIOA program providers throughout the state.

By bringing together local youth WIOA program providers, public service agencies, community organizations, businesses and others; our approach ensures coordination of youth funds and services in the community, and creates a youth services network that is closely linked to the labor market.  In addition, out-of-school youth (and those most at risk of dropping out) are an important part of the new workforce “supply pipeline” that businesses need to fill job vacancies in the knowledge-driven economy.

Service strategies, developed by Virginia’s youth workforce providers, prepare youth for employment and/or post-secondary education through strong linkages between academic and occupational learning.


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