Age of Majority: Rights and Responsibilities (VCU Center for Transition Innovations, VCU-CTI)


Age of Majority: Rights and Responsibilities - When a person reaches the age of majority they have legally become an adult. The Code of Virginia states “a person shall be an adult, shall be of full age, and shall reach the age of majority when he becomes 18 years of age” (Age of Majority, 1972). Until the age of majority, a person is considered a minor, and their parents or legal guardians are responsible for their rights and responsibilities. Some of these rights and responsibilities include voting, entering into a binding contract, and registering for military selective service (males). The transfer of rights happens automatically and requires no special action, but preparing in advance for this transition can assist all parties as the student reaches the age of majority.

For students with disabilities, a few additional responsibilities take effect on their 18th birthday. Once at the age of majority, students with disabilities become responsible for their own educational decisions, including all the rights and responsibilities related to the IEP.


Independent Living Individualized Education Program (IEP) Transition