HLP 8 & 22 Checklist


Providing high-quality academic and behavioral feedback to students is an essential high-leverage practice because teachers and other educators are constantly (or should be anyway) doing so. Providing academic and behavioral feedback is a component of many HLPs and other evidence-based practices. Providing high-
quality feedback is a practice jointly considered a HLP and an evidence-based practice.

Based on the HLP resources (High-Leverage Practices in Special Education: The Final Report of the HLP Writing Team, High-Leverage Practices in the Inclusive Classroom), and highleveragepractices.org) and the information shared at the workshop on March 8, 2019, by Dr. Michael Kennedy the following is a checklist to guide school leaders as they address key elements that comprise providing high-quality feedback.

This checklist is being shared with permission.

Reference: Council for Exceptional Children. (2018). CEC’s High-Leverage Practices Institute: Collaboration Implementation Guide.

Note: We are aware that the hyperlinks are not working for the Web Resources, Books, and Video Clips to Analyze and Discuss. We have contacted the authors and are working on this issue.