Recorded Webinar - SEL: Anytime, Anywhere! (PBIS Rewards)


With schools around the country utilizing many different forms of instruction, incorporating SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)  can feel complicated as classroom environments change. However, SEL  can be the foundation for academic success no matter how teachers and students come together.

Topics covered during this webinar included:

  • The five core competencies of SEL
  • How the current educational atmosphere contributes to student mental health
  • Why teachers need to seek connection and engagement with their students
  • Why teaching SEL in a virtual environment will help students transition to hybrid and face-to-face classrooms
  • How teaching SEL helps to develop positive mental health
  • How to identify needed SEL skills based on challenging student behaviors
  • …and more!

Participants in this webinar also received a virtual PD in a Box, which included a graphic organizer and resources designed to help users to focus their SEL efforts regardless of classroom setting.


Behavior Curriculum/Instructional Methods Professional Development Professional Resources Social/Emotional