Video: Clarifying the Relationship Between HLPs and EBPs (High-Leverage Practices in Special Education)


This special video explains the relationship between the High-Leverage Practices (HLPs) for special education and Evidence-Based Practices (EPBs).

There are a range of sources for content in this video including the IRIS Center, the What Works Clearinghouse, the Council for Exceptional Children, and peer-reviewed journal articles included in the reference list.

This video is split into two parts. In part 1, we discuss how High-Leverage Practices which we refer to as HLPs and Evidence-Based Practices, or EBPs, can be used in a complementary way to improve special and general education teachers’ instruction for students with disabilities. In part 2, we show video clips of real teachers in schools using HLPs and EBPs in a complementary manner.

Citation: Kennedy, M. J., Cook, L., Cook, B., Brownell, M. T., & Holdheide, L. (2020). Special Video: Clarifying the Relationship Between HLPs and EBPs. 


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