YouTube Video: "DON'T LIMIT ME!"- Powerful message from Megan with Down Syndrome (Everyone Matters)


All we can say is WOW!! You HAVE TO WATCH Megan Bomgaars, a Denver youth with Down Syndrome whose forceful message of "DON'T LIMIT ME!" is a rallying cry for EVERYONE! Megan is a force of nature. She made the State Cheerleading finals at the Denver Coliseum, as part of the Evergreen High School Cheerleading Squad. She was a Guest Model at Global Down Syndrome Foundation's 2010 Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Jet Set Fashion Show in Denver. She traveled to Washington, DC to accept the 2008 National High School Spirit of Sport Award, as an "individual who exemplifies the ideals of the positive spirit of sport. Megan's message of "Don't Limit Me!" applies not only to those with Down's Syndrome, and not only to students with challenges, but to all kids and all adults. Let's envision great things internally -- for all of us -- and everyone around us - and believe they can be accomplished - and watch what happens!


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