Advancing Adult Compassion Resilience: A Toolkit For Schools


Why Build Resilience?

A focus on compassion resilience will guide all staff back to the core set of values and the drive for a sense of purpose that drew them to work in schools in the first place. It will do so by supporting the development of a strong set of skills to manage expectations, set professional and personal boundaries, build effective collegial relationships, and practice real-time and ongoing self-care. A focus on relational trust between teachers, students, families, colleagues, and administrators will encourage the risk-taking and exploration of new ideas that promote good teaching and learning. Teachers aren’t the only ones who benefit from a focus on resilience. Principals, administrators, superintendents, student services staff, coaches, para-professionals, and others who form the school community contribute to the decisive elements that influence a school that is thriving.

The Advancing Adult Compassion Resilience: A Toolkit For Schools includes information on: compassion resilience, how to implement and getting started.

This was developed through the partnership of: WISE- End Stigma Together, Rogers in Health and Wisconsin Department of Education.


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