Literacy for Children with Combined Vision and Hearing Loss


The goal of this site is to provide information and resources for teaching and working with children who have complex learning challenges. Specifically, the site is designed for individual state deaf-blind projects, teachers, family members and related services providers interested in beginning or enhancing literacy instruction for children who have combined vision and hearing loss.

Contributors reviewed literacy development literature, as well as literature related to literacy learning for:

  • Children who are blind or visually impaired
  • Children who are deaf or hearing impaired
  • Children with multiple disabilities
  • Children with deaf-blindness

This website focuses on shifting the perspective of literacy in that all children can learn to read and write. Literacy exists on a continuum of emergent literacy through independent literacy. The site contains a checklist of literacy skills as a starting point to determine which stage the child is learning. Once the level is determined, more specific skills, strategies, examples, videos, articles, and additional resources can be discovered in the following areas: building a foundation, early emergent literacy, emergent literacy, writing, vocabulary development, comprehension, increasing fluency, and expanding literacy.

All Children Can Read: Literacy Skills Checklist is available in English and Spanish.


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