Dysphagia in the Schools (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE)


An Introduction for SLPs – Topics covered in Module 1 include: review of normal swallow anatomy and development, “red flags” for dysphagia, and defining the role of the school-based SLP in dysphagia management.  

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Screening and Evaluation by Speech-Language Pathologists (Part 2) – Topics covered in Module 2 include: a team approach to dysphagia assessment, goals and components of a swallow evaluation in the school setting, ASHA guidelines for swallow evaluation in the schools, and indications for referral for instrumental examination of the swallow.

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Understanding the Evaluation and Results (Part 3) – Topics covered in Module 3 include:  options for instrumental examination of swallowing, common issues in managing swallowing disorders in the schools, and comprehending medical findings relative to swallowing issues managed in schools.

Intervention and Management Decisions (Part 4) – Topics covered in Module 4 include: key components of the treatment of swallowing disorders in school aged children, common dysphagia treatment options, and critical issues to consider when treating swallowing disorders in the schools.

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