Free Instructional Materials for Teaching Letter Recognition (Reading Rockets and Starfall Parent-Teacher Center)


  • Matching upper-case and lower-case (Reading Rockets)

3rd example: This file includes uppercase and lowercase letters in a matching game that parents can use with their child at home. (School-Home Links)

  • Letter bingo (Reading Rockets)

Bingo is a simple game that children enjoy and can be used to help them learn about the upper- and lowercase letters. This link allows teachers to print the letters and board needed to play letter bingo.

  • Letter recognition fluency (Reading Rockets)

Speedy Alphabet Arc: Teachers can download and print a copy of the alphabet "arc" and have students use letters to match the ones on the arc. Parents could use this idea at home with magnetic letters by placing the arc on the refrigerator and have the child match the letters. Using a timer and seeing how quickly the child can match the letters is optional.

  •  Customizable ELA Practice Sheets (Starfall Parent-Teacher Center)

Use Starfall’s FREE English Language Arts (ELA) practice sheets to create custom worksheets, focusing on letter recognition, letter formation, high-frequency words, blending, and more. 


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