Evidence-Based Practice Brief: Self-Management (The Center on Secondary Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, CSESA)


This evidence-based practice brief on self-management includes the following components:

  1. Overview, which gives a quick summary of salient features of the practice, including what it is, who it can be used with, what skills it has been used with, settings for instruction, and additional literature documenting its use in practice
  2. Steps for Implementation, detailing how to implement the practice in a practitioner-friendly, step-by-step process
  3. Implementation Checklist, to be used to monitor fidelity of the use of the practice
  4. Evidence Base Summary, which details the NPDC-ASD criteria for inclusion as an evidence-based practice and the specific studies that meet the criteria for this practice
  5. Self-management data collection sheets


Behavior Curriculum/Instructional Methods Evidence-Based Practice Instructional Technology Professional Resources Social/Emotional