Elementary Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Reading (MTSS-R) Component Module Series (Oregon Response to Instruction and Interventon, ORTIi)


The RTI Component Module Series are provided by Oregon Response to Instruction & Intervention. These modules provide an overview of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports in Reading (MTSS-R), also sometimes referred to as Response to Intervention (RTI). 

Each module consists of a short (15-20 min) video describing the general features of each RTI Component, along with additional resources and reflection questions to ask about your school's RTI system. All modules are intended for staff members who are new to RTI/MTSS and/or need a refresher on certain components.

There are Facilitation Guides that can be used for viewing the modules with your team. (Facilitation GuideTier 3 is coming soon.)


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