Inclusive Practices in Successful Schools: Virginia Inclusive Action Planning Guide Module (Virginia Department of Education, VDOE, and Stetson & Associates, Inc.)


Inclusive Practices in Successful Schools: Virginia Inclusive Schools Planning Guide Module addresses the following components:

  1. A Clear and Consistent Vision and Vocabulary for Inclusive Schools,
  2. Legislative and Accountability Standards,
  3. Strong Tier One Instruction,
  4. Student-Centered Decisions/Staffing and Scheduling,
  5. Effective Use of Resources,
  6. Collaboration Among Educators,
  7. Specialized Support,
  8. Social Inclusion,
  9. Family and Community Engagement,
  10. Sustaining Inclusive Success.

This module was developed as a technical assistance resource for the implementation of the following legislation: 

Each local school division shall complete a self-assessment and action planning instrument addressing inclusion practices, as developed by the Department, once every three years and report the results of the assessment and plans for improvement to the Department, the division's superintendent, the division's special education director, and the chairs of the local school board and local special education advisory committee. 


Collaboration Curriculum/Instructional Methods Family Engagement Inclusion Parent/Family