Resources Provided for Assistive Technology Quick Tip Videos for Distance Learning (Assistive Technology Network of Virginia)


Assistive Technology Quick Tips- Introduction

      Video Resource: SETT Framework (Joy Zabala)

1. AT Network Video: Windows 10 Accessibility

      Video Resource: Windows 10 Accessibility Features

2. AT Network Video: Virtual Conferencing Platform Accessibilty

      Video Resources:

3. AT Network Video: Google Accessibility

      Video Resources:

4. AT Network Video: Built in Chromebook Accessibility

      Video Resources:

5. AT Network Video: 3 Test to Speech Apps that will Read a Piece of Paper

      Video Resources:

6. AT Network Video: 3 Text to Speech Extensions for Reading Accessible Text

      Video Resources:

7. AT Network Video: AAC at Home

      Video Resources:

8. AT Network Video: Microsoft Word Accessibility Checker

      Video Resource: Make your Word documents accessible

9. AT Network Video: Quick Live Captioning

      Video Resources:

10.  AT Network Video: Test to speech in iPads

       Video Resources:

11.  AT Network Video: Using Schedules with Young Children

      Video Resources:

       Picture Resources:

Additional AT Resources:

Five Quick Tips for Families on Using Assistive Technology to Support Instruction at Home for Students with Disabilities

Five Quick Tips for Teachers in Supporting Families of Students with Disabilities in the use of Assistive Technology during Home Instruction


Assistive Technology Instructional Strategies