2022 Annual Conference Session Recordings (Oregon Response to Instruction & Intervention, ORTIi)


2022 Annual Conference Session Recordings

Keynote: From Science to Poetry in the Teaching of Reading: Reflections in a Digital Culture, Maryanne Wolf

Day 1:

  • 1A: The Science of Reading - Definition and Beyond, Stephanie Stollar
  • 1B: Climbing the Ladder of Reading & Writing: Some Children Climb More Slowly While Other Children Leap Up, Nancy Young
  • 1C: Implementation Matters: Literacy Leadership as the Catalyst for Change, Kymyona Burk
  • 1D: Morphemes are Mesmerizing! Deborah Glaser
  • 2A: Calling All Leaders - School system, building, parent, and grade-level leaders! Kareem Weaver
  • 2B: Literacy Instruction for Multilingual Learners, Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan
  • 2C: Our Work at "Read Washington": Ideas to Support Teacher, Jan Hasbrouck
  • 2D: Background Knowledge: Key to Learning & Reading Comprehension, Anita Archer

Day 2:

Keynote: "Do the best you can untilyou know better. When you know better, do better", Anita Archer

  • 1A: Teaching African American Children to Read: Considering the Impact of Dialectal Variation, Julie Washington
  • 1B: Instructional Suggestions for Writing About Reading, Joan Sedita
  • 1C: The Path Toward Improving Reading Comprehension for Second Language Learners Through Teaching Oral Language & Vocabulary, Doris Baker
  • 1D: Our Journey to Self-Advocacy IDA-Oregon Student Empowerment Panel with Danielle Thompson & Shelbe Park
  • 2A: Constructing the Comprehension House: A Blueprint and Tools Provided! Nancy Hennessy
  • 2B: Providing Reading Interventions for Students in Grades 4-9: What Research Tells Us, Anita Archer
  • 2C: Collaborative Data-Based Decision Making in the Age of Uncertainty, Jon Potter & Brad Thorud
  • 2D: “My child is struggling to learn to read, can you help?” Partnering with Families Whose Children Are Experiencing Reading Difficulties, Lisa Lyon & Beth Ferguson