Let's Participate! (Assistive Technology for Young Children) (Office of Special Education Programs, OSEP)


The Let’s Participate! project, funded by the Office of Special Education Programs, was designed to help infants, toddlers and preschoolers with disabilities participate more fully in everyday activities through the use of assistive technology (AT).

Let's Partcipate's newly revamped website is chock-full of information on using AT with young children.

Build Your Assistive Technology Program

Grow Your Assistive Technology Program

Please check out www.letsparticipate.org to find:

  • Numerous ready-to-be-used powerpoints and trainings
  • One-pagers on finding the right AT
  • A simple child-specific AT Plan
  • Resources on how to increase infant, toddler & preschooler participation using AT
  • Guidance on how/why to set up an AT lending library

Lots of tip sheets, activities, examples and more!



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