A Crosswalk: High-Leverage Practices in Special Education and Strategic Instruction Model (SIM™) Instructional Tools and Interventions (KUCRL)


The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KUCRL) has developed this crosswalk to assist educators in understanding the relationship between the High-Leverage Practices in Special Education (HLPs) and the elements and processes used when implementing the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM™). These comparisons demonstrate how SIM can empower all teachers with evidence-based instructional tools and interventions, which embed HLPs shown by research to improve achievement for students with disabilities. Likewise, these comparisons demonstrate how fluency in the use of HLPs provides a solid foundation with which to implement evidence-based practices, such as SIM. The practices promoted by CEC’s endorsed HLP effort and the instructional process built into SIM have complementary and related research foundations showing effectiveness to improve outcomes for students. 


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